Pure Magick

Pure Magick is a line of unique products that are created with Love and The Power of Positive Intention.  All beauty products are made with natural and organic Ingredients that exfoliate, moisturize, revitalize and repair the skin.  We carefully choose each ingredient because we care for its effectiveness, combing the best of modern research with ancient secrets and wisdom. We never test our cosmetic on animals (we test them on ourselves!), and use harmful and artificial ingredients. Additionally, we use BPA-free plastic. Try out for yourself and be amazed by the results.

Why Choose Us?

Magick Elixirs is a unique cosmetic line which is made with natural and organic ingredients that exfoliate, moisturize, revitalize, and repair the skin. We carefully choose each ingredient because we care for its effectiveness. We never test our cosmetics on animals, or use harmful or artificial ingredients. Try them out for yourself and be amazed with the results!

About Us

Oxana Lovich

store owner

Since the age of eighteen, Oxana has been deeply interested in skin care, and especially in organic and natural ingredients. She believes that age is a disease, and that the main reason why we age is that we believe in it.

Cosmetics are food and nutrition for the health and radiance of the skin. Oxana believes that they should then be made from nourishing ingredients that nature provides.

Our skin can be compared to a beautiful flower. Nature provides flowers with everything they need so that they can bloom and bring joy to others. However, if we put chemicals and poison on those flowers, they simply wither and die.

This is why Magick Elixirs are made with the finest natural ingredients found on Earth to nurture, feed, and provide for your skin, so you can radiate your health, youth and vitality to the fullest, like the beautiful flower that you are.